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TYT-TYTERA MD380 New fonts / graphics

These new fonts are great compared to the stock fonts. I modified the scripts to just patch the fonts as well as the "Repeater" spelling correction and loaded that on my radio. Just these fonts make the screen much less ugly.

You can take a look at youtube on my short video about the new firmware
(german language... but picture is international :-)

Firmware used in video is available at

TYTERA MD-380, is approved by Industry Canada for commercial use. It has both an FCC and IC approval number printed on the label inside the radio.

Tytera TYT MD-380 DMR import contacts - update contact list

Tytera TYT MD-380 import contacts - update contact list

Can Someone tell me how to go to the DMR Database ( and import contacts to my radio TYT MD380 Or upload a file that I can Import into my Tytera TYT MD-380

As to your question, you can go to Index of /DMR/Contacts

Summary of files containing DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country

The CS700 files are saved as .CSV for easy import using the G4EML Contact Manager The CS750 files are saved as .XLSX as required by the CPS software *The MD380 uses the same files as the CS700 This file is updated daily and can be downloaded from:

to get the ZIP file labeled ALL-DMR-Contacts.ZIP . Inside is a CS750 file broken down by state and area, as well as all the countries (and an entire US/ Canada) file. Here is the "unfortunately" part of the message- we are waiting for an update that will allow the software to import over 1000 contacts into your CPS CSI software to download to the radio. I assume you don't want to manually enter every contact, which is somewhere near 9000 contacts right now. The site is updating daily. The bottom line, you can probably import your home state, but the whole US is out of the question right now for importing until we get our software update, which we were told was happening very soon. It was not in the last update from 7-31.

Contact Manager V102

ContactManager.exe (Version 1.02) Click here to download the program. This is the latest version of the program. The following enhancements and corrections are included in Version 1.02: 

Tytera MD380 Jailbreak firmware now available for cheap digital walkie-talkie allowing DMR scanning

In the last years, DMR and MOTOTRBO (a.k.a. TRBO a Motorola Solutions branded DMR Radios ) has become a very popular digital voice mode on the UHF and VHF bands and the MD380 radio is the latest cheap DMR walkie-talkie to come out of China.

The question is, is it any good? The longer answer is slightly more complicated, and involves discussing the difference in price between this radio and other more expensive, but higher quality, radios. But i can tell you that a group of hams here recently purchased the Beihaidao DMR radio (also sold under brands like Tytera, KERUIER or Retevis) and have been having excellent results with them.
Every once in a great while, a piece of radio gear catches the attention of a prolific hardware guru and is reverse engineered. A few years ago, it was the RTL-SDR, and since then, software defined radios became the next big thing. Last Shmoocon, Travis Goodspeed presented his reverse engineering of the MD380 digital handheld radio.

The hack has since been published in PoC||GTFO 0x10 (donwload site) with all the gory details that turn a radio under $200 into the first hardware scanner for digital mobile radio. For comparison, the cost of a Motorola MotoTRBO UHF XPR 7550 DMR radio can reach $800.

The MD380 is a fairly basic radio with two main chips: an STM32F405 with a megabyte of Flash and 192k of RAM, and an HR C5000 baseband. The STM32 has both JTAG and a ROM bootloader, but both of these are protected by the Readout Device Protection (RDP). Getting around the RDP is the very definition of a jailbreak.

In Digital Mobile Radio, audio is sent through either a public talk group or a private contact. The radio is usually set to only one talk group, and so it’s not really possible to listen in on other talk groups without changing settings. A patch for promiscuous mode – a mode that puts all talk groups through the speaker – is now out.

Here in the US Project 25 (P25 or APCO-25) is a suite of standards for digital radio communications for federal users,  but for state/county and local public safety organizations including police dispatch channels are using Mototrbo DMR digital standard.

How to install the Hacked Firmware for the MD380. ( Here is a YouTube Video on the Update Process to the Jailbreak of the Beihaidao Radio)

You need source code from this download  does not ship with firmware to avoid legal trouble. Instead it grabs firmware from the Internet, decrypts it, and applies patches to that revision. The output files have a .img extension when unencrypted, and a .bin extension when packaged for the official firmware updater.

Most radios use a serial interface for programming, however MD380 is native USB. Building a USB programming cable for your radio is  as easy as soldering on the proper cable adapter. Third party cables are available from ebay.

Files from this process include:

  • unwrapped.img: factory firmware after decrypting.

  • prom-public.img and prom-public.bin: patched to monitor all talk groups.

  • prom-private.img and prom-private.bin: patched to monitor all talk groups, private calls.

  • experiment.img and experiment.bin: patched to monitor all talk groups, private calls, and sideload alternate firmware.

You can install any of these patched firmware files into your MD380 by using the respective .bin file with the Tytera Windows firmware upgrade tool, "upgrade.exe", available inside their firmware upgrade downloads. Here are the steps:

  • Turn off your MD380 using the volume knob.

  • Attach the Tytera USB cable to the SP and MIC ports of your MD380.

  • Attach the Tytera USB cable to your host computer.

  • Hold down the PTT and the button above the PTT button (not the button with the "M" on it).

  • Turn on your MD380 using the volume knob.

  • Release the buttons on the radio.

  • The status LED should be on and alternating between red and green, indicating you're in flash upgrade mode.

  • Start the Tytera "Upgrade.exe" program.

  • Click "Open Update File" and choose one of the .bin files produced from the process above.

  • Click "Download Update File" and wait for the flash update process to finish. It takes less than a minute.

  • Turn off your MD380 using the volume knob.

  • Disconnect the USB cable from your MD380 and host computer.

  • Turn the MD380 back on, and you should see the "PoC||GTFO" welcome screen.

Tytera TYT MD-380 Faults

Tytera TYT MD-380 Faults
We needed to flip our view point and look for Faults.

Cons (some may be fixed in a future firmware at least theoretically):

1. MD-380 has a serious problem with slot timmings (see comments below)
2. Stupid keyboard layout. There were no problems to make the standard 16-key keyboard. I really hate this.
3. Color display is useless w/o backlight. Backlight level cannot be adjusted in current firmware so display is too bright in the dark and tends to drain the battery if turned on continuously while on direct sunlight it would be nice to have more brightness.
4. Beep level cannot be set so it is too loud for a quiet environment. Just turn it off.
5. Some firmware and programming software improvements are welcome.

The problem with the MD–380 slot slipping is that the end-user won't notice the problem. The radio is able to get into the network, receive just fine, and everything seems normal. But it is causing interference to other users. 

Hams should think of it like this: If you have a 2 meter radio that transmits fine, receives fine, sounds good, etc., but your spurious emissions are jamming the aircraft band and public safety bands, does that mean your radio is fine?

TYT-TYTERA DMR Simplex Setup

I am also having trouble communicating with my 380 simplex digital to my CSI 750 digital. Anybody have pointers for what should be in each codeplug?

Set both radios up with
Color Code 1
Slot 1
TX Contact - Local TG9 - Not in the UK it's not
TX Admit - Always
And of course a single frequency simplex channel, a 2 frequency channel will not work.


normally a simplex channel is used with time slot 1 and I prefer "all call" - others use TG 99 (but then TG 99 must be set on both devices). Screenshot of one of my simplex channels attached.


MD-380 motorboat sound

When I transmit with a MD-380 and a rubber-duck antenna, there is a "motorboat" sound on my transmit audio when using a Retelvis speaker mic.  I opened the mic and observed that they are not using a shielded mic cable.  When I transmit into a dummy load or an outside antenna the "motorboat" sound is gone.

Has anyone been able to fix this RF into audio problem and what speaker microphones do not have this problem?

The problem goes away when you use the proper mic for it... such as the following unit.

MD-380 setting.ini

Yes the file is setting.ini. The path for me with a default Windows 7 install is:

- C:\Program Files (x86)\MD_380\MD_380\SoftWare_EN\setting.ini

Note it is in the Programs folder so you will generally need to Administrator to modify.

I'm using MD_380 v 1.30. Here's what my setting.ini looks like:

windowtext=CPS MD_380

MD-380 calibration settings file

It looks like that is the radio's calibration settings.

Did you just stumble across that reading the .ini file?

The part of this that is quite helpful is that appears you can make a backup of your radio's
calibration data in case it is ever lost or corrupted. This could save your radio from being
a brick or needing a trip back to a dealer.

The steps to save the calibration data:

1. Change 'testmode=0' to 1 in the 'setup` section of the settings.ini file
2. connect the radio
3. Start MD-380
4. Hit Control-T which will read the data off the radio.
5. Click "Save Test Data" which will save a .test file with an 8 KB binary of the calibration data.
6. Put the .test file some place where you can find it if you need it.

Thanks Stan G4EGH, that is an a really interesting find.

MD380 out of band reception

I have worked out how to program out of band. I have been able to enter RX freq upto 498.000mhz.
Change this in the setup.ini

Original value is


Change to the following

The last two numbers determines the frequency.

TYT Tytera customer warning

TYT Tytera customer warning

How does that go can paint a old taxi a new color, but it's still a taxi?.....something like that?

I HIGHLY suspect the new MD-390 is NOT a improved model, but the same exact guts from a 380 with a larger battery.

I have lost any faith in TYT to produce a decent product. I had also ordered a quad band mobile from them. We sent that pile of crap (well it LOOKED nice) back to them (on their dime). The receiver was as selective as a crystal diode set.

TYT tried HARD really hard to screw us, but we had Paypal on our side.Paypal got involved and found in our favor 4 times! It got to the point were we contacted TYT and demanded to know how they wanted their shit sent home.They finally gave us a number to use with DHL (their account). Meanwhile we got threats from Joey Pan and his boss "Sophia", they were extremely angry at Paypal for refunding us and told Paypal they could not do that! (they need to read their Paypal agreement).

Would we do business with TYT ever again? NOT ON A BET!

All I can say is from a store thats going to back the sale.They are going to be your backup.Ask this question...."What is the warranty period on this product and does it include postage".If you deal directly with TYT THERE IS NO WARRANTY.TYT never wants to see that shit again.

Now if spending $200 on a radio is "Expendable" like fruit that's going to spoil, you are golden, but if you see this as a INVESTMENT..think again.I would love to hear from others that have needed parts support from TYT.You drop your MD-380 and crack the case, or break a knob or control.So far as we see it, the only thing you can get is extra batteries and belt clips.If you have a Motorola, Kenwood, Icom,Yaesu..getting parts is no problem.

MD-380 Official Speaker MIC

Here is a picture of the three mics side-by-side.... Quality has its price...