HELP - Can't Get Tytera MD380 DMR Radio USB Driver To Work On Windows 10

Just got my Tytera MD380 BUT I'm having problems with programming it.


Simply put, I plug the programming cable from the radio to a USB port. Windows acknowledges this connection with it's usual beeping sound but then NOTHING HAPPENS

What doesn't help matters any is there is NO self-extracting executuable to manually install the driver NOR does Windows even bother searching for it (And ADD/REMOVE HARDWARE within control panel is o help either (I know having just tried it))

As it is now, I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN to do anything but charge the radio (Probably needs that anyway) as I can't even complete the process of entering THE MOST BASIC INFORMATION about the radio (Like the serial number - WHERE IS THAT ??), MUCH LESS do anything else with it


Cheers & 73 :)

Capacity Plus Scanning with Experimental MD-380 Firmware

Capacity Plus Scanning with Experimental MD-380 Firmware

Scanning a 4 channel Capacity Plus system with a MD-380. This was with the experimental software that allows the radio to listen to any DMR traffic heard. I have set up one channel as a scan channel.

Best starter DMR radio?

Looking at a few different options you could choose from as a first DMR radio. There are also the Hytera and the CS-750 radios which are meant to be good, but I didn't include them in this video because I don't have any personal experience of them.

Cheap DMR radio: TYT MD-380 Review

Cheap DMR radio: TYT MD-380 Review



Software for the MD-390 GPS

Tytera MD380 Experimental Firmware to add audio feedback for visually impaired hams #580

#Tytera #MD380 Experimental Firmware for add audio feedback for visually impaired hams #580 - make the MD-380 or MD-390 accessible for #visuallyimpairedhams

Zastone D900 experimental firmware for md380

Does it means that the experimental firmware for md380 works on Zastone D900

At your own risk !!

Updating my Retevis RT3 with MD380Tools to the lastest version..😉

Makeshift TYT MD-380 scanner

It's not always possible to have your computer with you to find out the color code and talkgroups in use on a frequency, so in this video I show you how you could listen in without this information, using just an MD-380 and a cheap analog radio.

Tytera MD-380 on Project 25 (P25 or APCO-25)

MD-380 on P25
Project 25 (P25 or APCO-25) is a suite of standards for digital radio communications for use by federal, state/ province and local. P25-compliant systems are being increasingly adopted and deployed. Radios and as my County uses P25 for the PD, Fire and EMS dispatch, Is the MD-380 able to monitor a P25 System, and can you program the talkgroups in to hear Dispatch etc.

Tytera MD380 and DMR Motorola Connect Plus

Will the Tytera MD380 radio receive a DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO) trunked system? I know it is not a trunking radio but if you enter the frequencies will it receive?

MD-380 firmware reverse engineered 2

Okay, more questions. If you upgrade to a hacked firmware, can you still use the same programming software, or do you need a different kind of software to program codeplugs with the new firmware? Will you lose your current memories and have to start all over again, or can you re-program your old codeplug file with the new firmware?

When you go to va3xpr net/programming-software-firmware/ , it prompts you to give it your e-mail address or it won't let you download. You have to do an e-mail confirmation. Why? How can I download stuff without having to give it an e-mail address?

If you're on , what do you actually click on to download the firmware and put it on the radio? All I see on that page are links that give you lines of programming code but it doesn't just give you the actual file.