How to determine if the radio has the 16Mbytes SPI-Flash or not ?

HI to Everyone,

we are facing big troubles in patching the TYT MD-380 (neither Tytera, nor Retevis. TYT only).

The patched firmware is running well, both on our Tytera MD-380 and Retevis RT3 handhelds. While doesn't work on TYT branded MD-380.

We know that it only works on radios with 16Mbytes SPI-Flash.

So here's the question: "Is there a way to determine if my radio has the 16Mbytes SPI-Flash or not ?

I'm looking for this kind of information everywhere, but no infos at all up today.

Is there any chace to solve this matter ?

Thank you in advance for any tip


Anonymous said...

If your MD-380 is an UHF-version, chances are good to have 16 MByte.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to check if a TYT MD-380 really has a 16MByte SPI-Flash?

I just flashed mine (UHF) with a ready-made 17/6 fw from
I would be very interested in using userDB.csv feature.

I see the described procedure on

generate the upload file

wc -c < db/users.csv > data ; cat db/users.csv >> data

program to flash with: (very experimental)

md380-tool spiflashwrite data 0x100000

or (all steps included): (very experimental)


Do you know if there is way for flashing an experimental fw + Userdb.csv on SPI-flash using Windows tools?

Anonymous said...

just do a make flashdb - the script would detect, if your HT suits the requirements.