TYT MD380 DMR HT - Firmware Upgrading Guidelines

TYT MD380 DMR HT - Upgrading Guidelines (V1.0.0)

Run ‘DMR Upgarde Setup vx.xx.exe’ to install the upgrading tool.

Install the USB driver if not already installed.

Then run the upgrading software tool, then

1) Open the upgrading object file (the firmware update .bin file);
2) Connect the radio to the PC by the programming cable;
3) Press the PTT & TopKey and then power up the radio;
4) Click ‘Download upgrade file’ button to start upgrading;
5) Wait and until the PC reminde Success or Failure (about 1minute);
6) Power Off the radio. hen run the upgrading software tool, then

1) Keep the cable connected stably and the radio is power on all the upgrading period.

2) Press the PTT & Top Key and then power up the radio!

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