Tytera MD380 programming cable procedures

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Hey everybody... I'm new to the Ham world... I purchased my first radio which is the TYT MD380... I'm having problems programing it. The USB cable doesn't seem to be working when I try to read from radio or write to radio... Any help would be awesome. Thanks!
I don't really recommend plugging in the cable while the radio is turned on. Here is my (safe) procedure:
  1. Start Tytera MD380 software
  2. Plug in USB cable
  3. Plug in MD-380 while OFF
  4. Turn on MD-380 (should hear a boop from the computer that it's linked)
  5. Write to MD-380's memory
  6. Turn off MD-380
  7. Unplug cable

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Anonymous said...

Did you first install the driver before connecting the radio to the computer?

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