TYT/Tytera MD380 DMR HT

TYT/Tytera MD380 DMR HT the Chinese do not want to stand behind their product. The first US importer of the Tytera, Kirk Nemzer received 2 radios w/o serial # stickers, & a radio with a defective charger. He asked for, but never received the replacements he was owed. Finally he gave up in disgust, & sent all his inventory back to Tytera. They did not want to refund him his $, but fortunately he paid with Paypal, & they gave him his refund. Tytera was LIVID, but their service was very poor. Can you imagine, 2 radios w/o ser # decals? They kept saying they'd make it right with the next order, instead of sending the parts because it was the right thing to do. So I wonder if the US importers can actually return the defective radios to China for free replacemant, or do they charge an extra $10 per radio sort of as an insurance policy to cover the loss on any defective radios.

Here's a brief description of Kirk's problems with Tytera as the first importer of them into the US. Note, I had to heavily sanitize many "strong words" to post here on RR.

*** UPDATE *** Well all the bull between us and TYT/Paypal is finally over.We shipped their stuff back, and TYT didn't want to fully refund us.We launched MANY complaints against TYT, complaints for padded shipping fees,complaints for not supporting DOA equipment,complaints for shipping equipment without serial numbers and not following thru with serial number tags after being asked to do so many times.We complained about TYT charging fees to utilize Paypal to transfer monies to TYT in China.We got LIED to about the TH-9800 specs, basically told "Tough Luck"...it is what it is.We got promised free "Accessories" (Whatever the heck THAT is) that never materialized, promised they would ship a replacement drop in charger (that never arrived)."Joey Pan" told us what we wanted to hear, and screwed us at the same time.We feel that he did exactly what TYT told him to do.We shipped EVERYTHING back to TYT.They signed for it and STILL didn't want to refund the complete amount! Paypal found IN OUR FAVOR and the case was closed. FULL REFUND. Now TYT fires off some threatening letters to us (Comical to say the least) and get this.....PAYPAL REOPENS THE CASE! Un heard of! Paypal does another full investigation. Now granted....we had documentation for EVERYTHING...I mean EVERYTHING. Paypal didn't have to go very far to see that TYT was full of crap.PAYPAL ONCE AGAIN FINDS IN OUR FAVOR. CASE CLOSED! From what we have heard (and have no proof) as this is hearsay...that TYT won't be able to use Paypal in the future.Is this the case? Please let us know?

Now I have said this before, the MD-380 is a pretty cool radio, it's a great deal and I am sure it will get better.No fear in buying one from a dealer.

THIS IS MY * OPINION *.....just my opinion, yours may vary. If you want a MD-380 buy it from Amazon, buy it from Ebay (use Paypal), buy it from CSI (Jerry know how to deal with TYT), buy it from our very own online dealers in this group, but you need your head examined if you want to deal with TYT directly.If this whole mess was mishandled by a sales person thats one thing, but so far TYT has proven it has absolutely ZERO RESPECT for it's customers or it's downline dealers.If your thinking of becoming a "Dealer" for these Dirtbags, you may want to think it over a few more times as this company has no second thoughts about screwing their customers.
Go ahead (TYT) and continue to send your threatening E-Mails, whats next...maybe some tainted dog food, some toothpaste sweetened with Antifreeze, maybe some chew toys painted with lead based paint? How about some lousy home electronics that burst into flames even when switched off? We TRUSTED you, and you let us all down. We won't forget that anytime soon.
Thanks all for listening!

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