MD-380 calibration settings file

It looks like that is the radio's calibration settings.

Did you just stumble across that reading the .ini file?

The part of this that is quite helpful is that appears you can make a backup of your radio's
calibration data in case it is ever lost or corrupted. This could save your radio from being
a brick or needing a trip back to a dealer.

The steps to save the calibration data:

1. Change 'testmode=0' to 1 in the 'setup` section of the settings.ini file
2. connect the radio
3. Start MD-380
4. Hit Control-T which will read the data off the radio.
5. Click "Save Test Data" which will save a .test file with an 8 KB binary of the calibration data.
6. Put the .test file some place where you can find it if you need it.

Thanks Stan G4EGH, that is an a really interesting find.

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