TYT Tytera customer warning

TYT Tytera customer warning
How does that go again...you can paint a old taxi a new color, but it's still a taxi?.....something like that?
I HIGHLY suspect the new MD-390 is NOT a improved model, but the same exact guts from a 380 with a larger battery.
I have lost any faith in TYT to produce a decent product. I had also ordered a quad band mobile from them. We sent that pile of crap (well it LOOKED nice) back to them (on their dime). The receiver was as selective as a crystal diode set.
TYT tried HARD really hard to screw us, but we had Paypal on our side.Paypal got involved and found in our favor 4 times! It got to the point were we contacted TYT and demanded to know how they wanted their shit sent home.They finally gave us a number to use with DHL (their account). Meanwhile we got threats from Joey Pan and his boss "Sophia", they were extremely angry at Paypal for refunding us and told Paypal they could not do that! (they need to read their Paypal agreement).
Would we do business with TYT ever again? NOT ON A BET!
All I can say is this.....buy from a store thats going to back the sale.They are going to be your backup.Ask this question...."What is the warranty period on this product and does it include postage".If you deal directly with TYT THERE IS NO WARRANTY.TYT never wants to see that shit again.
Now if spending $200 on a radio is "Expendable" like fruit that's going to spoil, you are golden, but if you see this as a INVESTMENT..think again.I would love to hear from others that have needed parts support from TYT.You drop your MD-380 and crack the case, or break a knob or control.So far as we see it, the only thing you can get is extra batteries and belt clips.If you have a Motorola, Kenwood, Icom,Yaesu..getting parts is no problem.

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