TYT-TYTERA DMR Simplex Setup

I am also having trouble communicating with my 380 simplex digital to my CSI 750 digital. Anybody have pointers for what should be in each codeplug?

Set both radios up with
Color Code 1
Slot 1
TX Contact - Local TG9 - Not in the UK it's not
TX Admit - Always
And of course a single frequency simplex channel, a 2 frequency channel will not work.


normally a simplex channel is used with time slot 1 and I prefer "all call" - others use TG 99 (but then TG 99 must be set on both devices). Screenshot of one of my simplex channels attached.


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Unknown said...

Direct Mode is talk group 99. Then select it under 'Contact Name' in your Direct Channel setup. Make sure both radios match.
I have no problem talking from MD380 to CS750 and CS800.

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