MD-380 firmware reverse engineered

So how do I actually do a firmware upgrade on the radio? When you say "compile", I don't understand. How do we just download a firmware file and run a program to put it on the radio?  
And if we put an "experimental" firmware in the radio, can we use the same stock TYT programming software, or is there a different programming software we need to program the new features?

So, what is this "github"? How come it doesn't just have the usual download links that say 32- bit Windows, 64-bit Windows, etc. How do I actually download from this website to upgrade an MD-380?

Since this is "experimental" only the Linux source files are provided at "github". You have to compile them into the needed binary file for the update.

This experimental firmware is a project by some obviously pretty smart guys who are kind enough to share it with everyone. But the nature of the project is somewhat advanced and so is the process to make it work, they aren't going to take the time to package everything into a pretty little installer for you. It's understood that if you want to tinker with this kind of stuff you come up to speed with thats going on and become involved.

Github is a repository that programmers use to share source code and ideas. The code can then be pulled from there to be compiled into binary or executable files (depending on what the project is). Also you will often see that with projects like this the authors won't include compiled binaries (and sometimes not all the required dependencies) to avoid copyright issues etc).

In this case they don't include the stock Tytera firmware that needs to be modified, it gets pulled from another site. DSD used to be the same way, and SDRTrunk still is. Some assembly required!

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Anonymous said...

As a DMR radio it works very well, the current hacks allow it to monitor all calls and TGs on a known frequency and CC.

As for P25 (or any other digital mode) I doubt it will ever do it, the hardware baseband chip is DMR tier 1 and 2 only so it would have to all be done in software, it could in theory be done, the AMBE2+ codec is done in software on the radio.

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