Cannot read/write codeplug to MD380 when experimental firmware is loaded (Windows)

I have compiled and installed Travis' experimental firmware (latest version from Git) and loaded it into my MD380 with no problem. The user database load (make flashdb) works fine too.

My problem is that I cannot read or write a codeplug to the radio using the Tytera CPS software version 1.32 once the new firmware is loaded. When I try to read or write the codeplug I get the message "please check whether the USB is occupied or not connected". I know that the USB connection is working because I can use it to load the firmware and the database into the radio.

The only way that I can read the codeplug or write a new one to the radio is to go to a system that does not have the libusb driver installed. I need to reflash the firmware with the Tytera firmware (currently using version 2.34) and then CPS will happily read/write the codeplug. This is ugly.

What is everyone else doing to update their codeplugs after installing the new firmware?

 My environment is Windows 7.

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Anonymous said...

Using md380-dfu to write the codeplug works perfectly. I
looked at the source code for md380-dfu and saw that the syntax to write
a codeplug to the radio is "md380-dfu write ". I just need
to make sure that I have a copy of the rdt file for when I make changes.

. said...

What I have discovered is that once you load the md380tools firmware into the radio it is no longer possible to use the Tytera codeplug editor (CPS) software to write the codeplug into the radio. You can use CPS or any other program you like to edit the codeplug file (codeplugname.rdt) but cannot use it to load the file into the radio.

Once you have loaded the md380tools firmware into your radio you need to use the md380-dfu utility to load the codeplug. The md380-dfu utility is in the md380tools directory. To load the codeplug right-click the md380tools directory and select the Git BASH shell. From the BASH prompt use the command "md380-dfu write (codeplug.rdt)" where (codeplug.rdt) is the codeplug name including the .rdt extension.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have info on how to write a .rdt file to a md-380 using the md380tool?

".........Use md380-dfu to do it.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to upload a codeplug using md380-dfu to no avail. I can't upload any codeplug to the rig. I tried windows and linux, no go. Please help...

Anonymous said...

See the blog post here : " How to update TYT MD-380 hacked firmware! " and available attached download files !!!