Contact Manager 1.32 Released - Update

I received mails from several hams who had trouble with converting codeplugs from one type of radio to another, and found that two distinct issues could pop up - - one, if the first digit of the manufacturer ID code in the codeplug was corrupted, that incorrect data would be propagated to the new codeplug; and second, the frequency range data within the codeplug (which is stored in two different locations and methods, and varies by model) was not consistently being updated.

Version 1.32, which can be downloaded from, corrects both of these problems and adds support for the Retevis RT3, which is yet another MD380 work-alike.

If you open your codeplug in Contact Manager and it says "Unknown" in the Radio Type dropdown box, then you know that the manufacturer ID information is corrupted in your file. Simply choose the correct manufacturer ID, then save the codeplug and you'll be back in business.

Thanks for all of your support and feedback!

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