Tytera (TYT) MD380 Windows Firmware Installation

Tytera MD-380 Windows Firmware Installation

You can install any of these patched firmware files into your MD380 by using the respective .bin file with the Tytera Windows firmware upgrade tool, "upgrade.exe", available inside their firmware upgrade downloads.

Here are the steps:

    Turn off your MD380 using the volume knob.
    Attach the Tytera USB cable to the SP and MIC ports of your MD380.
    Attach the Tytera USB cable to your host computer.
    Hold down the PTT and the button above the PTT button (not the button with the "M" on it).
    Turn on your MD380 using the volume knob.
    Release the buttons on the radio.

    The status LED should be on and alternating between red and green, indicating you're in flash upgrade mode.
    Start the Tytera "Upgrade.exe" program.
    Click "Open Update File" and choose one of the .bin files produced from the process above.
    Click "Download Update File" and wait for the flash update process to finish. It takes less than a minute.
    Turn off your MD380 using the volume knob.
    Disconnect the USB cable from your MD380 and host computer.
    Turn the MD380 back on, and you should see the "PoC||GTFO" welcome screen. You're running patched firmware!


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Anonymous said...

As a DMR radio it works very well, the current hacks allow it to monitor all calls and TGs on a known frequency and CC.

As for P25 (or any other digital mode) I doubt it will ever do it, the hardware baseband chip is DMR tier 1 and 2 only so it would have to all be done in software, it could in theory be done, the AMBE2+ codec is done in software on the radio.

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