Capacity Plus Scanning with Experimental MD-380 Firmware

Capacity Plus Scanning with Experimental MD-380 Firmware

Scanning a 4 channel Capacity Plus system with a MD-380. This was with the experimental software that allows the radio to listen to any DMR traffic heard. I have set up one channel as a scan channel.

This firmware allows the radio to pick up DMR traffic without the correct color code as well.

Setting up a scan channel
1. Create your channels for the system, valid frequencies and time slots.
2. Add them all to a scan list.
3. Add another channel with a little used frequency(this can be anything)
4. Add a random DPL to that channel(gain can be anything)
5. Turn on Auto-Scan, with the scan list that has the system channels in the radio selected

You should now have a system scan channel, all you need to do is go to that channel in the radio and you are now scanning.

Experimental and other firmware for the MD-380 is available here

 More information on the MD-380 Firmware


Anonymous said...

Trying all day to get the new firmware to work, but i still need the correct color code. Does it only work with capacity plus systems or does it also work with individual programmed channels?

bigbloke said...

doesnt work with RAS