HELP - Can't Get Tytera MD380 DMR Radio USB Driver To Work On Windows 10

Just got my Tytera MD380 BUT I'm having problems with programming it.


Simply put, I plug the programming cable from the radio to a USB port. Windows acknowledges this connection with it's usual beeping sound but then NOTHING HAPPENS

What doesn't help matters any is there is NO self-extracting executuable to manually install the driver NOR does Windows even bother searching for it (And ADD/REMOVE HARDWARE within control panel is o help either (I know having just tried it))

As it is now, I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN to do anything but charge the radio (Probably needs that anyway) as I can't even complete the process of entering THE MOST BASIC INFORMATION about the radio (Like the serial number - WHERE IS THAT ??), MUCH LESS do anything else with it


Cheers & 73 :)

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Hi I had the same problem with my CS-700 I needed a older prolific driver. here is a link for the one I used.
I will keep this link up for 4 days only. Hope this works for you.!1422&authkey=!ADOdr5QL2_l0foU&ithint=folder,zip

Anonymous said...

On Win 7 you can delete the problem device in control panel, then reboot. Then plug the device in. That will force the correct driver to load.

Is your ! red or yellow ?

Anonymous said...

I would uninstall the device, Then reboot and install the 1.32 (recent version) software as administrator, Before connecting the device. Connect it after the software and driver is on the machine.

The "Windows has stopped the device due to a problem (or words to that effect)." Is a clue that the device may not have Port Control rights. Run as admin may help to fix that.

Anonymous said...

I did exactly what both of you said to do, and still no go! Windows failed to install the driver when I tried to install it as an administrator. Deleted the software and downloaded it again, and installed as an administrator. Delete the problematic device; reboot; install the driver as administrator, open the program as administrator, turn on the radio with cable connected

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the latest code from the VA3XPR web site, and just installed it normally, and it worked. But, it took me a few tries for some reason. I also know that when I did it, I downloaded the USB driver from somewhere, and installed it separately.

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