KC7JOE JOE hotspot codeplug

I've done few updates past few days, will post final version hopefully this week. Only few additions & moved few talkgroups around, nothing major. Also removed few duplicates. Taken just over a year, MD380 fantastic radio!!. With this format its easy input it into the new MD-2017! Thanks & 73's

ver.006 - filenames
1.) for Brandmeister Repeater on Usery MTN in Mesa AZ with 2 zones.
2.) for OpenSpot zones increased with many talkgroups options
3.) excel spreadsheet description

download zip link    (see link below)

Tytera MD380 Experimental Firmware to add audio feedback for visually impaired hams

Update May 2017 :
Helped a blind ham by making a DMR transceiver visually impaired friendly.  After download TY firmware for the CW channel feature.   I turned the Morse Code feature On, when this feature is On it readout the zone name.

Update February 2017 :
Thanks to DL4YHF, md380tools now supports a Morse code narrator mode for visually impaired hams.   https://twitter.com/travisgoodspeed/status/861993177473064960

#Tytera #MD380 Experimental Firmware for add audio feedback for visually impaired hams #580 - make the MD-380 or MD-390 accessible for #visuallyimpairedhams