TY MD380toolz - Tweaked md380toolz

TY MD380toolz - Tweaked md380toolz

NOTE: All credit goes to travisgoodspeed and friends. This custom firmware is based off the branch by DL4YHF. The added tweaks/changed will be listed here.

New Features
-Microphone gain (3db or 6db options)
-Side button toggle option for promiscuous mode
-Open last heard info by pressing *
-Open alternate menu with #
-Set talkgroup option (type in talkgroup number and will be applied to current channel)
-Private call option (type in dmr ID)

-Removed missed calls window (get rid of annoying popup every time you disconnect or use private call)
-Exit all windows using end call instead of 7
-Removed volume meter

Flash to radio using upgrade.exe on windows or any other method normally supported by md380tools. This requires booting the radio in DFU mode of course.

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MD380/MD390 non-GPS models
MD380/MD390 GPS models

New Update
June 2017
New version is available with MORE features

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