Tytera MD380 USB to Cable Pinout Diagram

Tytera MD380 USB to Cable Pin out Diagram:
Plug Diagram:

GND (USB 4)to 2.5mm plug Sleeve/Shield
D+ (USB 3)to 3.5mm Tip
D- (USB 2) to 2.5mm Ring
+5 (USB 1)N.C.

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Anonymous said...

tnx for this information, thus it is easy and cheap to bulid a cable yourself.
Do you also have the MIC and Speaker pinout of the MD 380 - could you please publish.
73 and tnx de John

Anonymous said...

Hi dear friend,
I have just received the MD-380 transceiver but without programming cable and with your valuable information I will install data soon. 73 many many thanks de Fernando

Unknown said...

I would like to know this to, I'm trying to make a ptt button so I can trigger transmit and use the built in handheld mic.

M0TFO said...

Thanks, very helpful.

Unknown said...

Thanks, cable done :-)

Unknown said...

thanks for this information.

Steve Marshall N7KOA said...

Will this pinout diagram work for the MD-UV380 as well?