MD-9600 with MD-380 Home Repeater

MD-9600 with MD-380 Home Repeater

I've always wanted to make a repeater or buy one, but the cost is so high! So in this video I show you how to make a repeater out of the two handhelds, or mobile radios or whatever you have this will work, with the help of a little box. If you have any questions please ask away, Thanks for watching!

N0GSG DMR Contact Manager

N0GSG DMR Contact Manager for Connect Systems CS700/750/800,Tytera MD380/390/390GPS, Retevis RT3, and AnyTone AT-D858 Radios


DMR Contact Manager is a custom-designed software package designed for use with Connect Systems CS700/CS701 radios, as well as the Tytera MD-380/390/390GPS, AnyTone D858, Retevis RT3, and similar radios that use the RDT file format, and Connect Systems CS750/751, CS800/801, and others that use the RDB file format. These units are MOTOTRBO-compatible DMR mobile radios suitable for both commercial and amateur radio applications.

Contact Manager makes it easy to maintain channel, zone, contact and call group information in these radios. It is fully compatible with the DMR-MARC database system and allows instant codeplug updates from a wide variety of sources.

The latest Contact Manager release supports channel editing, importing, and exporting, as well as zone and scan list management for RDT and RDB files. It's now a snap to move channels and zones between codeplugs - - and with Contact Manager's built-in IntelliPaste functionality, associated contact information is always imported right along with channels whenever it's needed - - so that your imported channels work right the first time!