Tytera (TYT) MD380 CodePlug Editor

MD-380 codeplug and Editor

this codeplug editor is excellent!
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MD380 – MD390 Codeplug Editor (v0.0.64.0)MD380 Editor
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Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic and a MUST have file, MD380 CodePlug Editor v0.0.64.0

Tomas said...

Tons of work went into this Andre thanks so much for sharing. This will help the folks in the DMR community!

Pro Slide said...

Amazing work well appreciated thanks for your time !

Unknown said...

The more I use the software, the more impressed I am! For example, bulk editing of channel attributes (e.g. setting the scan list on multiple channels in a single operations). Too cool!!!

Unknown said...

What we need is this codeplug editor updated for RT82 and MD2017 codeplugs. AS it stands this version does not work for RT82 and MD2017