TYT MD380 radio LED blink lights

There is a single LED indicator on the top front of the radio that is used to indicate the radio’s status as follows:
  • Green: Received signal present
  • Orange: Radio is scanning
  • Red: Radio transmitting
The LED blinks orange while scanning. An orange LED does not indicate that there is activity on a channel. Solid green LED means activity on a channel.

This is not an amateur radio. Commercial radios scan more slowly than amateur radios.

It seems it see rf on the channel scanning light turns orange but does not switch to actvate channel.

If I quickly go through channels I usually find the active channel.

Now if I don't have the particular group code in radio and there is rf activity on channel orange light is lit but I'm not decoding any info. Scanning is basically seems useless at this point.

Some other usability improvements that TYT could employ with future firmware updates would be:
  • Text colour: The LCD display uses black text on a blue background on many screens, which can be difficult for users to discern. It would be recommended that TYT use white text on blue backgrounds;
  • Day/Night modes: By creating a day mode, which employs a white background with black text and a night mode, which similarly employs a blue background with white text, TYT could make it easier for users to view information on the MD-380’s LCD display;
  • Backlight brightness: By making the backlight brightness user adjustable, TYT could allow users to extend their battery life and also, make the radio more pleasing to view in bright or dark environments;
  • Menu language: Simle item like “Confirm” in the radio’s menu could be simple to terms such as “OK”.
  • Signal meter: Using black bars for the signal meter would improve its visibility;
  • Batter meter: Slightly increasing the size of the battery meter would make it easier to determine the remaining battery life.

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