MD380 Low Power Mod - Power Consumption

MD380 Low Power Mod - Power Consumption

Derating for TYT MD-380 / RETEVIS RT3 power level LOW approximately 100mW

(for example, for operation with Hotspots ;  SharkRFopenSPOT, DVMEGA, DV4mini stick)

TYT MD-380 Low Power Mod
TYT MD-390 Low Power Mod
TYT MD-2017 Low Power Mod 
RETEVIS RT3 Low Power Mod
ZASTON D900 Low Power Mod

1. Go to the directory where the code plug-software is stored (for me: C:\Program Files(x86)\Tytera\MD_380\SoftWare_EN

2. there you find the File setting.ini, open the file, select the parameter to test mode = 1 change in line 3 (orig .: testMode = 0),
if it was not going: put (copy) the setting.ini file on desktop, modify, copy it back!
3. Connect and turn on radio with programming cable
4. Start CP software, and then press Ctrl-T or Strg-T, a window should open
maybe it looks like this:
5. focus in this window to the vertical column 5
6. there you should looking for the value for TxLowPower (column 5) and a note the original value to possibly later restore to
the original state.
7. Now halve this value and submit (in my case Value 74, now 37)
8. now restore the parameters to the device using the Write Button (IMPORTANT!)
9. Close the window by clicking Cancel, exit CPS and remove programming cable.
The radio should now make in position LOW Power about 100mW, the power at high power remains unaffected.

PLEASE DON'T Change any other parameters !!!, you could make the device unusable else!
This modification IS AT YOUR OWN RISK !!

Owner unknown?

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It would be nice (for me) to move HI PWR to 1 watt... / NGØN

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