Create a quick plug for the TYT MD-380

We have found a way to quickly create a code plug for the new DMR postage TYT of the MD-780. It is based on the code plug for the CS700 Dick, PH0DV. You kuntt this free Hex Editor here to download.

Open TYT MD380 code plug with the Hex Editor with extension xxxxx.rdt

Select RULE 0 T / M 120 and copy it (see picture)

Open CS700 code plug YOU WANT TO CONTINUE USING with the Hex Editor with extension xxxxx.rdt

Select RULE 0 T / M 120 PASTE (copieer) it with the TYT MD380 previous selection (See picture)

Now the rules 0 t / m 120 of the MD380 plug in the CS700 Plug Save the file, this is now the new code plug for the MD380 TYTERA leave him in the CPS TYT MD380 to MD380 write him a copy and keep it well.

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Unknown said...

A little hard to understand, so:
Open the Hex Editor, and two windows, one from MD-380, and one from the CS-700 .(rdt)
Copy cells from 0X00000 thru 0X00120 from the MD-380
Highlight, then paste those copied cells into the CS-700 window
Save the CS-700 file with a name for the MD-380
Write that codeplug to the MD-380
Works like a charm.

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