HEX Editor Codeplug CS700 converted to MD380

I have a codeplug for a CS700 that I have converted to MD380 (Since that is what I own). The issue I have is that when I load it into the CPS, it shows that its for a VHF radio, when it is actually UHF. I am unable to change this without clearing all the programming. I know that with hex editor you can fix the value to make sure it displays as UHF. Can anyone help me with this?

The following hex compare shows the differences and locations in the files. I haven't actually tried manipulating these values, but I'm pretty sure that CPS is reading and writing to these locations:

E:\temp>fc /b vhf.rdt uhf.rdt
Comparing files vhf.rdt and UHF.RDT

00000136: 00 02
00000139: 60 00
0000013A: 13 40
0000013B: 40 00
0000013C: 17 47
0000222C: 23 14
0001F037: 60 00
0001F038: 13 40
0001F03B: 60 00
0001F03C: 13 40
The file 'vhf.rdt' is a unit programmed for 136~174 MHz, and 'uhf.rdt' is a unit programmed for 400~470 MHz. The columns in the output are file location of the differences (offset from beginning), content of left file, and content of right file. FC is the DOS command to compare files.
Both of these files were blank (no channels or contacts) as having other data in them would really complicate the comparison.

Note that the range information seems to be stored redundantly in these files for unknown reasons. You can see it in BCD format at offsets 0x139~0x13A ('400.0'), 0x13B~0x13C ('470.0'), and the low limit appearing twice again at offsets 0x1F037 and 0x1F03B. Locations 0x136 and 0x222C appear to be control bytes that also signal this same information.
Good luck, remember to back up your data before manipulating any files.

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