MD-380 "Low" pwr. RF output too low

A friend of mine and I have found that our MD-380 HT's have in the "Low" RF output power setting ONLY 0.5 watt.
According to the manual it should be 1 watt.

Has anyone else found, using a FM signal on 440 MHz, the same?

My Firmware ver.: D002.030    CP ver.: V01.30
S/N 1505A54xxx

Could this RF output  power be corrected in the firmware?

I shouldn't have used the term "all" in my comments when referring to UHF radios, nor should I have implied a hard and fast rule regarding output power. There are several factors related to output/RF exposure, including whether the exposure is controlled exposure (exposure that people/employees are aware of) or uncontrolled exposure (exposure that individuals are unaware of); the "maximum transmitting duty factor" of the device; the power output of the device and the type of antenna used; the distance the device is from tissue, etc. Some of this is included in the comments of the document you posted. Yes, five watt radios can be approved, but many companies opt for 4 watts output because those radios can be used in a wider range of situations. The power limit is dependent on a number of factor and not really the purview of the group.

If you are interested, you can start with some light reading:

And this from the ARRL:

As you can see, there is no "rule" that states 4 or 5 watts. Those power levels allow the device to fall within the SAR "safe zone" depending on the factors I mentioned above. 4 watt radios are "safe" in a wider variety of situations.

The MD-380 is not type accepted for Part 90 operation, as far as I know, although it's possible that TYT has submitted a sample for consideration. The Juston radio listed on page 7 of the PDF is the HYDX-D50, which is a clone of the TYT/Tytera radio. 

The MD-380:
- When were the type acceptance documents for the MD-380 filed?
- What FCC rule part(s) are being applied for?
- Are all emissions supported by the MD-380 included in the type acceptance?  I understand at least one other DMR Association member received type acceptance for their handheld in analog FM but not digital modes.
FCC Selected Grants UHF Handheld.pdf

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