TYT MD380 2.30 firmware issues

For those users who've had problems with firmware 2.030, TYT has contacted me and said that they will be issuing another firmware update "soon." Given that there are a few issues with 2.030, I'd recommend holding off on loading 2.030 and wait for the next update.

There have been some problems with the 2.30 firmware. Some of these problems are:

1 - The battery indicator always shows that the battery is fully charged

2 - If you use the radio menu to view the scan list, the radio will reboot

Tytera has acknowledged these problems and promises that an updated firmware that fixes these problems will be available soon.

The only issues that I am having with firmware 2.30 is an unreliable battery meter and the fact that the radio reboots when I try to view the scan list. I can live with both these issues and will leave 2.30 installed until a fix comes out.

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