How to update TYT MD-380 hacked firmware!

How to update TYT MD-380 normal or hacked firmware!

How to update your TYT MD-380 to the latest firmware. It is recommended to update your radio regularly to get the latest bug fixes for this radio.

I understand some people will be coming to this video after hearing about the "hacked" firmware for this radio. The same procedure is used to install that firmware as in this video, so you should be able to install that firmware with this video.

Save the file.

Open the Upgrade.exe file and select the included firmware.
Open that file in the upgrade utility and go through the firmware upgrade procedure.

I haven't played with the md380 much, but I put this firmware in and in the Utilities menu there is now an option called "MD380 Tools".

A couple of options that I'm not familiar with in the menu are "Debug" and "Experimental".
Not sure what they do? Anyone care to chime in?

Promiscuous mode can be enabled or disabled in the MD380 Tools menu also.

 A newer experimental firmware for the TYT MD-380 with some cool new features.
Download link:

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