users.csv update MD380 experimental firmware

users.csv does not show info on updated MD380 experimental firmware

I'm another one who went through the process of updating my UHF MD-380 to the experimental firmware from Travis Goodspeed. I originally tried using a Windows 10 machine, and after going through the process, apparently successfully did the firmware and user.csv updates.

When trying the radio, the new firmware seems to be working, but no matter what, I could not get any info other than DMR ID in the green pop-up window that is supposed to show the user information. I have enabled UserCSV in the utility/md380tools menu, but no luck.

So, I thought perhaps W10 was the issue, so I went through the process again on a W7 machine - same result. I see that others have had the same problem, and always get asked two questions: "Did you flash the DB in normal mode?" - the answer is yes, I did. "Did you enable UserCSV from the md380 tools menu?" - Yes, I did.

Now what? I'm almost there, but have no idea where to look. From what I have read on line, all the UHF radios have the 16 mbit flash, so that should not be an issue.
Where else should I look for information?


Anonymous said...

I think that you have to remove the USB driver that the Goodspeed tools installed, as that is preventing your system from recognizing the radio. The same thing happened to me. In addition, you will probably find that the user database is not actually written to the radio, as there is an issue with the Windows-based tools. I had to install Linux on my system in a dual-boot configuration to actually write the users.csv file.

Anonymous said...

I have successfully installed md380tools under Windows 7 using Cygwin with no problem. I believe that the issue is to force the download of the latest user database. The way that I did it was to get a command line in the md380tools directory and then cd to the db directory (“cd db” command). When in the db directory issue the command “make clean” to delete the old user files. Next issue the command “make all” to download and format the new user database files. Next cd back to the md380tools directory (“cd ..” command). When back in the md380tools directory connect the programming cable, turn on the radio and use the “make flashdb” command to load the users database into the radio. Turn off the radio, disconnect the programming cable, turn the radio back on and enjoy the new database.

. said...

I have compiled and installed Travis' experimental firmware (latest
version from Git) and loaded it into my MD380 with no problem. The user
database load (make flashdb) works fine too. My problem is that I cannot
read or write a codeplug to the radio using the Tytera CPS software
version 1.32 once the new firmware is loaded. When I try to read or
write the codeplug I get the message "please check whether the USB is
occupied or not connected". I know that the USB connection is working
because I can use it to load the firmware and the database into the radio.

The only way that I can read the codeplug or write a new one to the
radio is to go to a system that does not have the libusb driver
installed. I need to reflash the firmware with the Tytera firmware
(currently using version 2.34) and then CPS will happily read/write the
codeplug. This is ugly.

What is everyone else doing to update their codeplugs after
installing the new firmware?

My environment is Windows 7.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried V 1.30 of CPS? Or writing codeplug with md380-dfu?

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