MD380 message from CPS version 1.32

I just downloaded and built the latest version of md380tools. When I try to write a codeplug to my radio I get this message from CPS version 1.32

I have no issue writing the codeplug with md380-dfu


Anonymous said...

What I have discovered is that once you load the md380tools firmware into the radio it is no longer possible to use the Tytera codeplug editor (CPS) software to write the codeplug into the radio. You can use CPS or any other program you like to edit the codeplug file (codeplugname.rdt) but cannot use it to load the file into the radio.

Once you have loaded the md380tools firmware into your radio you need to use the md380-dfu utility to load the codeplug. The md380-dfu utility is in the md380tools directory. To load the codeplug right-click the md380tools directory and select the Git BASH shell. From the BASH prompt use the command "md380-dfu write (codeplug.rdt)" where (codeplug.rdt) is the codeplug name including the .rdt extension.

Anonymous said...

Please disregard, problem solved. I ended up deleting the driver in Windows, and was able to reinstall the correct driver.

Stuck said...

I too have this problem. I installed SAAR and it worked fine, I then tried to install my new codeplug and it said it was done, but when radio was rebooted, it had the old codeplug.

When you say you have solved the problem by deleting the driver in windows, which driver do you mean ? and what driver did you install to get it all working again ?

I am running Windows 10 here.
thanks for any help :)