MD-380 firmware reverse engineered 2

Okay, more questions. If you upgrade to a hacked firmware, can you still use the same programming software, or do you need a different kind of software to program codeplugs with the new firmware? Will you lose your current memories and have to start all over again, or can you re-program your old codeplug file with the new firmware?

When you go to va3xpr net/programming-software-firmware/ , it prompts you to give it your e-mail address or it won't let you download. You have to do an e-mail confirmation. Why? How can I download stuff without having to give it an e-mail address?

If you're on , what do you actually click on to download the firmware and put it on the radio? All I see on that page are links that give you lines of programming code but it doesn't just give you the actual file.

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