Tytera MD380 and DMR Motorola Connect Plus

Will the Tytera MD380 radio receive a DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO) trunked system? I know it is not a trunking radio but if you enter the frequencies will it receive?

You can passively scan Con+ with a 380 but you cannot follow a particular TG unless you have a legit subscriber radio which would be a MotoTRBO radio with the Connect Plus option board provisioned to the particular system.

To passively scan just enter all the voice frequencies for the Con+ site you wish to monitor into a zone. You'll need the channel color codes and will want to enter each freq twice, once for each slot. Leave the control channel out, usually TS 1 of the control freq.

Enter all the talk group numbers to your receive list and assign the list to each voice channel. Then set the radio to be able to scan all the voice freq's.

MD380 limits:
16 channels per zone
32 talk groups per rx list.

It will not work perfect but you'll at least be able to hear a fair bit of the activity on the system.

You'll likely need DSD+ to discover TGs.

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Yes, mine does just fine!

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