Zastone D900 experimental firmware for md380

Does it means that the experimental firmware for md380 works on Zastone D900

At your own risk !!

Updating my Retevis RT3 with MD380Tools to the lastest version..😉

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Juentai JD-780


Zastone D900

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5nak3 said...

It works, radio is sold without software, used the one made for md380 and radio was recognized as md380.
Switched to saar and now the latest exp firmware, without troubles.

Anonymous said...

Got myself a d900, I already have a md380. After putting my code plug in it will not receive audio on a shopwatch frequency I have in on slot 1 colour code 8... The led lights as receiving the signal and it transmits fine on there. Do you think the new firmware will help. It does by the way work fine with my amateur radio DMR repeaters. Many thanks Dean.