TYT MD-380 Firmware upgrade process

TYT MD-380 Firmware upgrade process

Plug radio into the computer and turn it off.
The executable upgrade utility is also in the file called Upgrade.exe. Double click that, Click on open update file on second row of buttons, Choose the MD-380-D2.26.bin and click open.

Then press and hold the top two buttons of your radio and turn it on. Let go, the LED will start to blink.

Click the 3rd Button on the second row " Download Update File" and the file will start to upload .

Wait long enough at 70% it might seem to stall. Just wait

DO NOT NAVIGATE Away . When process is complete, the radio will reboot and you will done. 

One thing I did notice was my radio did not "reboot".  When the process was complete according to the computer screen, I turned the radio off, unplugged the cable, and turned the radio back on.  


I ended up having to do it 3 times


Anonymous said...

I believe I did the upgrade [Stalled several times], but I wanted to see if you can confirm that when I go to the Utilities --> Radio Info --> Versions you see:
Firmware Ver.: D002.026
CP Ver. V01.29


Unknown said...

I think I may have bricked my radio. Yeech.

I received the radio new today. I attempted to download the existing codeplug, and it failed midway through. Thinking maybe I needed to load the latest firmware to match the programming software I downloaded D13.20 and followed your instructions. The first few times it would crash somewhere, but once it finally seemed to run to completion.

I turned of the radio, disconnected the cable, and turned it back on. Now the red/green light just flashes as if I had it in programming mode.

I have retried the process multiple times, to varying degrees of completion. It's hard to tell since I don't understand Chinese. Regardless of what I try, the radio still turns on in (apparently) program mode.

Any thoughts?

Wesley said...

I have the same problem Lenny's got. The firmware loader dropped out at the end of the firmware upgrade and now mines stick in green and red flashing lights to..

Is there a way to unbrick it? Or maybe a more stable version of that update software?


Unknown said...

I've got the same problem, I think flashing it with new firmware might fix it but I haven't had luck yet. I will try again soon.

Unknown said...

I forgot to ask, does anybody know of how to reset the radio to Factory Settings.

Unknown said...

So to unbrick the radio, you will need to download the firmware and loader from tyt888.com. Then apply the firmware again. This will unbrick it.
My problem is that the bricking issues have caused it to have a password set so I can't use the radio and I can't apply the codeplugs due to the password either.

1 said...

So we need to get a password ??? Who is going to be the first to share the password.

Unknown said...

VA3AGV normally you don't need a password but in my case when it became bricked, I needed one.

I recently found that using the md380tools from Travis Goodspeed I was able to apply a more feature-full firmware and found instructions on how to reset the password.
The reset hasn't worked for me.

The instructions to reset can be found at:

I unfortunately still have issues.

After reading some more, the new firmware allows one to update the DMR ID without needing to program it.

Also, I found the best results by using a raspberry pi with the md380tools.

RJ said...

Does anyone know the way to un-install MD380 Tools from an MD 390? It has done terrible things to my radio.