Tytera TYT MD-380 DMR import contacts - update contact list

Tytera TYT MD-380 import contacts - update contact list

Can Someone tell me how to go to the DMR Database (www.DMR-MARC.net) and import contacts to my radio TYT MD380 Or upload a file that I can Import into my Tytera TYT MD-380

As to your question, you can go to Index of /DMR/Contacts

Summary of files containing DMR IDs and Callsigns grouped by Country

The CS700 files are saved as .CSV for easy import using the G4EML Contact Manager The CS750 files are saved as .XLSX as required by the CPS software *The MD380 uses the same files as the CS700 This file is updated daily and can be downloaded from: http://www.foxhollow.ca/DMR/Contacts/ALL-DMR-Contacts.ZIP

to get the ZIP file labeled ALL-DMR-Contacts.ZIP . Inside is a CS750 file broken down by state and area, as well as all the countries (and an entire US/ Canada) file. Here is the "unfortunately" part of the message- we are waiting for an update that will allow the software to import over 1000 contacts into your CPS CSI software to download to the radio. I assume you don't want to manually enter every contact, which is somewhere near 9000 contacts right now. The site is updating daily. The bottom line, you can probably import your home state, but the whole US is out of the question right now for importing until we get our software update, which we were told was happening very soon. It was not in the last update from 7-31.

Contact Manager V102

ContactManager.exe (Version 1.02) Click here to download the program. This is the latest version of the program. The following enhancements and corrections are included in Version 1.02: 

N0GSG DMR Contact Manager for Connect Systems CS700 Radios

N0GSG DMR Contact Manager for Connect Systems CS700 Radios
DMR Contact Manager is a custom-designed software package to help users manage Connect Systems CS700 and CS701 radios. The CS700 and CS701 are MOTOTRBO-compatible DMR mobile radios suitable for both commercial and amateur radio applications.

Contact Manager makes it easy to maintain contact and call group information in these radios. It is fully compatible with the DMR-MARC database system and allows instant codeplug updates from a wide variety of sources.

Codeplug contact data can be freely exported to and from Excel (CSV), as well as other codeplugs. Advanced edit, search, and sorting functions allow quick and easy visualization of codeplug contents. Built-in error detection - - the program will not allow duplicate DMR-MARC ID numbers to be programmed into the radio, for example.

Contact Manager features direct connectivity to the DMR-MARC online database. Worldwide call and user information is instantly available, and directly importable into any codepug. No more manual retyping of contact information - - and for clubs supporting this radio, incorporation of users into standardized codeplugs is now simple and automated. Simply have your users register with DMR-MARC and let Contact Manager update your organization's official codeplug. It's that easy! 


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Needed, NYC & Surrounding Tri-state Area Code Plug - For the 380, hard to believe there isn't one to be found.

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The contacts .csv file is missing city state and country. How do I get that informaiton