Tytera MD-380 v. CS-700

Why in the world would you recommend the CS700 over the MD380? The MD380 already offers more features than the CS700 and it's only been out for two months. CSI promised front panel programming for the CS700 in January 2014. Still not here. The MD380 does it out of the box. Nuisance delete just started working on the CS700, only 18 months after the feature was supposed to be fixed. I works now on the MD380. The MD380 has a battery eliminator available right now. CSI hasn't even contemplated offering a battery eliminator for the CS700. The MD380 uses a standard female SMA connector on the radio, so that hams can use any number of the thousands of SMA antennas available. The CS700 uses a male SMA on the radio, which is also a standard, just not for amateur radios.

I think what he's trying to say is the CS700 has been out for 2 years now, & while it took a long time to get the features it's supposed to have, it's finally there. And while the MD-380 works well, it's still going through it's growing pains. Once it's been around for 2 years, & perfected, it'll be twice the radio the CS700 could ever hope to be. But those of us who have been playing with Moto radios for a while will prefer the antenna jack on the CS700, because we can use our Moto antennas on that radio, but those who only have ham radios with SMA's will prefer the MD-380 radio because they can use their ham SMA antennas on that radio.


K2EPM said...

I am having trouble getting my laptop to communicate with the radio. When I try to WRITE TO the radio from the software it keeps telling me to check my cable.

Any tips?

Anonymous said...

Many points to check :: check drivers for the com port, check Windows/Device Manager/Ports(com and lpt)

Anonymous said...

I don't see your issue with the antenna connector on it, adapters are dirt cheap on ebay and both types are very common. All the Baofeng radios are the same as the CS radio