Contact lists for uploading to MD380

Here is a source, supposedly updated daily, with all DMR contacts sorted by nation and state.

The foxhollow server downloads & processes the nightly full database from the DMR-MARC website.  If you know of someone that got a new ID today, the foxhollow download ZIP file will have that new ID by tomorrow morning.

I currently create the files in CS700/MD380 CSV format as well as CS750 XLSX format.  If another type of file is needed, send me a message and I'll add it to the daily dumps.

TYT MD380 DMR HT pictures

Tytera TYT MD-380 DMR Handheld Digital Radio compatible Motorola Digital Radio Tytera (TYT) MD-380 UHF 400-480MHz DMR Radio Programming Cable.  Price:  $165.00

TYT MD380 DMR HT - Firmware Upgrading Guidelines

TYT MD380 DMR HT - Upgrading Guidelines (V1.0.0)

Run ‘DMR Upgarde Setup vx.xx.exe’ to install the upgrading tool.

Install the USB driver if not already installed.

Then run the upgrading software tool, then

1) Open the upgrading object file (the firmware update .bin file);
2) Connect the radio to the PC by the programming cable;
3) Press the PTT & TopKey and then power up the radio;
4) Click ‘Download upgrade file’ button to start upgrading;
5) Wait and until the PC reminde Success or Failure (about 1minute);
6) Power Off the radio. hen run the upgrading software tool, then

Tytera MD-380 CPS Programming Software

TYT Electronics Co., Ltd
Software Download_TYT Electronics Co., Ltd, China Two Way Radios, Mobile Transceiver Handheld Walkie Talkies & Interphone

MD-380 updated firmware
Yes, the software is free

TYT MD-380 Firmware 

CPS MD-380 v132.exe2016-07-05 15:28  1.8M  NEW!

TYT MD380 Codeplug
Tytera TYT MD380 DMR Handheld Codeplug List

[TYT-TYTERA] MD 380 slow scan

The shield is the encryption mode identifier, another that popped up was the speaker with an 'x', that means you muted all the system tones.

The scanning issue I circumvented by restructuring to use rxgroups for all traffic on the slot I'm on, so I have an rx group list for Slot1 and Slot2 with all TGs for each, each channel has the group Slot1 or Slot2 as appropriate.  Then my scan list (which corresponds with the zone based on the channel scan group assignments I have) covers "all" but being slow doesn't matter as much as the group scan overlays it seems.

TYT MD380 radio LED blink lights

There is a single LED indicator on the top front of the radio that is used to indicate the radio’s status as follows:
  • Green: Received signal present
  • Orange: Radio is scanning
  • Red: Radio transmitting
The LED blinks orange while scanning. An orange LED does not indicate that there is activity on a channel. Solid green LED means activity on a channel.

This is not an amateur radio. Commercial radios scan more slowly than amateur radios.

It seems it see rf on the channel scanning light turns orange but does not switch to actvate channel.

If I quickly go through channels I usually find the active channel.

Now if I don't have the particular group code in radio and there is rf activity on channel orange light is lit but I'm not decoding any info. Scanning is basically seems useless at this point.

MD380 Low Power Mod - Power Consumption

MD380 Low Power Mod - Power Consumption

Derating for TYT MD-380 / RETEVIS RT3 power level LOW approximately 100mW

(for example, for operation with Hotspots ;  SharkRFopenSPOT, DVMEGA, DV4mini stick)

TYT MD-380 Low Power Mod
TYT MD-390 Low Power Mod
TYT MD-2017 Low Power Mod 
RETEVIS RT3 Low Power Mod
ZASTON D900 Low Power Mod

1. Go to the directory where the code plug-software is stored (for me: C:\Program Files(x86)\Tytera\MD_380\SoftWare_EN